IC&RC Reciprocity

Are you planning on moving to Nevada and have a certification in another state as a peer recovery support specialist and/or a certified prevention specialist? Do you want to transfer your certification from your current state to Nevada? Here is the process!

First, check the IC&RC Member Board directory here to see if your certification is eligible to switch from state to state. If you find your state in the directory, you can begin the reciprocity process:

  1. Contact your current state board for a Reciprocity Application.
  2. Complete the form and submit it back to your current state board.
  3. The form will be submitted to IC&RC who then verifies the application and sends it to the Nevada Certification Board.
  4. The Nevada Certification Board will contact you when the process is complete.

For further questions, please read through IC&RC Reciprocity resources.

To contact the Nevada Certification Board, please visit our website.